The mission of HandCrafted.Gift is to present an assortment of handcrafted and ethically produced gift ideas you can feel good about purchasing.

Every single gift featured in our exclusive collection has been handcrafted with care and lots of love. We make it a point to use materials that are recycled, repurposed, left-over, or sustainably produced.

We use aluminum from recycled soda cans, engine motors and boat parts to create art. With careful precision, our crafters use materials, such as the coconut shell, and repurpose them to create one of a kind gifts. We also try to integrate materials abundant in nature that have been left over, such as wood bits, into our pieces. Our team also works with sustainable plant-based materials, like bamboo, that have a simple reproduction cycle and minimize pollution.

By practicing fair trade standards, we contribute to the economic well-being of local communities while also doing our part to protect the environment. When you purchase our products, you are assisting us on reaching this incredibly important goal. We thank You!